What is Title 24 in Solar?

It’s Time to Go Solar

Are you building a new home this year? Do not get caught by surprise with new construction rules! Building Energy Efficiency Standards, commonly known as Title 24, are requiring solar for all new construction.

California took this big step forward in the interest of exploring opportunities to reduce energy waste and consumption. Even so, what does this mean for you and your family? This is a wonderful opportunity to live powerfully, and great news for your wallet!

I Need Help

Navigating specific Title 24 requirements can be a little daunting. There are certain power requirements, and select solar systems needed to meet these standards. Yet, do not let these things deter you from finding your dream home.

Throughout the state, construction companies are pairing with great solar companies to refer you to. The right solar company will ensure you get through the process smoothly. A solar company well trained in Title 24 requirements will leave you free from the heartache of filing extra paperwork and discernment in unfamiliar territory.

Save the Planet… and Your Wallet

Owning a new solar home will reduce your carbon footprint and the financial strain on your wallet. Own your own power, no more price gouging from untrustworthy electric companies. The best part about going solar is living powerfully, out of the clutches of electric companies, and never in the dark again.

Say ‘goodbye’ to blackouts and ‘hello’ to solar!